SAP profile have best people to work with.

Most of the best companies of the world are on SAP. With S/4HANA introduction more non-SAP companies are converting their legacy system to SAP. This creates opportunity for SAP consultants to have a best job. Best job covers below points.

  • Best Remuneration.

  • Mediclaim for Self and Family.

  • Best Leave policy.

  • Best Culture

  • Best work environment with excellent growth Opportunity.

  • Best Security

  • Timely Salary payment.

  • Timely reimbursement

  • Domestic and International Travel

  • Excellent Infrastructure

  • Health care facilities – In Premise

  • Less Micro management.

  • Culture free from Harassment, abusive conduct and discrimination.

  • Fun zones or recreation zones.

  • Excellent Cafeterias/Canteen.

  • …….. and could be many more.

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For freshers this could be most exciting thing.

8. Best Culture

SAP, SAP Partners and SAP Clients have best culture to work in. Following are the points which contributes to make the best culture.

  • Sharing of ideas

  • Acknowledging contributions of Consultants

  • Recognition of achievements

  • Awards and Applause on completion of project

  • Motivation/Encouragement to complete task

  • Adaptation – Learning of new module

  • Training and Certification sponsorship

  • Harassment policies to mitigate unnecessary bossism (Specially for Female employees). Mutual understanding and Respect.

………..could be many more

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9. Best People

SAP profile have best people to work with. Best people make best culture, Great Jobs and enhances the brand. Everything rotates around people and SAP profile is no exception. Consultant will meet best people during entire below process.

  • On boarding process – HR Team

  • Bench time – Consultants from various Module

  • Training period – Best Module Trainers

  • At times of Allocation of project – Best resources allocation team who understand your requirements.

  • Execution of Project – Best Team

  • Team Support during project – Best team

  • Project change request – Best managers, Heads.

  • Relocation Request – HR team

  • Post marriage relocation Request – HR team

  • ……………could be many more.

All above phases requires best people to deal with. SAP profiles guarantees this. There might be some exception, but exceptions are universal.

10. Varied Culture

Best Culture and Varied culture both things are different but Varied culture must be best. Else it will not be qualified as a ‘Culture’ itself.

I still remember when I joined my first job in Hyderabad and found people from Orissa, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, United States and many other places. First question that came to me was why people are not being hired from Hyderabad itself? But as time passed, I got to know that talent has no geographical boundaries, and this makes the Culture as varied culture.

Following are bounties of varied culture.

  • Opportunity to know different people

  • Opportunity to learn different languages

  • Opportunity to know new Culture and tradition.

  • Learning new things and unlearning old things.

  • Opportunity to know new ways of working.

  • Opportunity to celebrate many festivals.

  • Opportunity to taste varied food.

  • Opportunity to visit many countries and cities

  • Opportunity to work with Passive, active, proactive and Smart peoples.

  • ………and could be many more.

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IT companies have various SAP projects across the globe. This provide ample opportunity to leverage the above benefits.


  • Pallavi Patil
  • Oct 14 2021
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