Decentraland Clone Script-To Launch Your Own Virtual NFT marketplace Like Decentraland

Decentraland clone script is a ready-to-go NFT marketplace clone script to launch your NFT marketplace like decentraland. Decentraland clone helps you to trade off your NFTs in the virtual reality platform using its token MANA. The participants can own their land in the decentraland and publish their own 3D content, games, etc to offer a better experience to the participants. The landowners will have complete control over their contents and the users can utilize them only when the payment is done. Our decentraland clone enables peer-to-peer interactions, completely decentralized platform, sandbox tested marketplace, etc. Our decentraland clone has inbuilt wallet functionality to store your MANA tokens safely. Time to launch your own virtual world. Maticz the pioneers in NFT marketplace development helps you to launch your own marketplace like decentraland. Our expert team at maticz offers you lucrative services to launch your own NFT marketplace like Decentraland. Connect with us and Create your own NFT marketplace like decentraland and trade your NFTs in the virtual world with our Decentraland Clone Script.

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  • Bella Bardot
  • Dec 13 2021
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