Top 6 Serverless Databases to Start a New Project in 2022

Serverless is the future! It is the next-generation approach that lowers the efforts needed to manage and streamline development operations while delivering massive value for business applications. Serverless databases scale automatically based on requests and do not require a lot of capacity planning. In today’s digital age, enterprises need to integrate data reliably into applications that require a secure and highly scalable data infrastructure. This is what serverless databases are trying to solve.

The serverless approach has been adopted worldwide due to its high transparency, faster performance, cost-effectiveness, instant availability, and operating infrastructure support at a large scale. In today’s post, we will talk about the modern database solutions that will help you to streamline database deployment and management.

Earlier developers needed specific hardware to process the database when they had to build and deploy applications. It was a time-consuming process because a developer had to wait to receive the server first, followed by the prolonged process of unboxing, installing, cabling, configuring, and deploying applications manually. Traditional database systems launched 20+ years ago require complex sharding and heavy operational management, which ultimately increases costs to develop critical applications.

However, today, the scenario has changed, thanks to the serverless infrastructure. Now, developers do not need to go through this lengthy process to maintain the database; they can do the same in just a few minutes securely in a public cloud.

Embracing the New Serverless Paradigm: Serverless Database

A Serverless database enables developers to build applications utilizing infrastructure without a specialized hardware platform. It is designed to manage the unpredictable and rapidly changing workloads of developers. A service provider runs the server and automatically allocates the required resources to developers.

The serverless database platform is scalable and charged based on the requirements, i.e., it is based on the pay-as-you-use model to maintain the database by third-party service providers. They continuously work to meet the fluctuating demand of developers by providing the database-as-a-service.

The ultimate goal of the serverless database is to simplify the management of the database by providing automated scaling and low ops requirements.

With the serverless database, you can avoid issues associated with traditional environments such as cost, security, time, troubleshooting, and maintenance. A Serverless database can be used to develop applications in industries like retail, eCommerce, telecommunications, and finance.

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  • Lucas Parkker
  • Jan 12 2022
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