Login to MYOB OR Send to unique Intray GUID

Can I just use the unique Intray email address instead of logging into essentials.


Make it easy for me to get clients to use the app that never had access to essentials 

  • Sam Tauanu'u
  • May 7 2019
  • May 8, 2019

    Admin response

    Hi Sam,

    In response the the proposed solution. Today, you can not use the unique email address with the MYOB Capture app. The Capture app requires user login. You can use the unique email address with any of the other great capture apps that are on the market.

    That being said, for practices that are using the app with Connected Ledger clients & do not want to provide ledger access, we would love to hear more. This has been an item on our radar for sometime but we have not decided on a direction.