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Blanke SECURMAT is a tear confirmation rolled uncoupling underlayment that gives a solid holding surface to artistic tile and regular stone establishments on both inside floors and dividers.

The Blanke SECURMAT additionally gives break separation assurance that forestalls harm to the tile covering brought about by sidelong substrate development. This light weight, simple to-introduce underlayment includes low height and requires less thinset than other rolled uncoupling items.

The Blanke SECURMAT is an optimal underlayment for both new establishments and for redesigns over.

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Typical Applications:

Blanke SECURMAT is an ideal option in contrast to patron board underlayment utilized in inside private and light business tiled floor applications over wood substrates.

The Blanke SECURMAT can likewise be utilized as a break concealment film on concrete substrates where sidelong development and stress breaks can be an issue.

The Blanke SECURMAT is an optimal underlayment for both new establishments and for remodels over most existing floor covers.


Guarantee that the substrate is perfect, dry, liberated from security inhibitors and burden bearing.

Cut the mat into segments and dry fit to the establishment region.

Adhering to the thinset maker directions, apply thinset to the substrate utilizing a 5/16" V-indented scoop. Introduce the mat on the substrate utilizing the level side of a scoop or float to press the texture into the thinset staying away from any wrinkles and air pockets.

Adjoining segments ought to be butted at their edges without covering. After the thinset has relieved under the mat, apply thinset on top of the mat and introduce tiles per thinset producer guidelines and industry principles.

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