Savina Asli dan Palsu

Savina Asli dan Palsu – Menggunakan piring yang lebih kecil mengurangi berapa banyak makanan yang Anda makan, sekaligus memberi Anda persepsi telah makan lebih banyak . Sejumlah penelitian telah menunjukkan bahwa orang yang makan lebih banyak buah dan sayuran cenderung memiliki berat badan lebih sedikit.

  • Savina Asli
  • Jun 22 2022
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  • aria ketty commented
    23 Jun 08:25am

    Elon Musk, Free Speech and Twitter Deal – Why This Raises More Questions than Offers Answers

    After buying 9.2 per cent stake in micro-blogging site Twitter in early April, the world’s richest man Elon Musk is now about to buy the entire stake in the company for a whopping $44 billion. Soon, Twitter is likely to be owned by Elon Musk, or is it? A deal that was all but done, before Musk “temporarily put it on hold”, to ascertain the veracity of a number of “fake” or “spam” accounts on the social media platform. But is this an avenue being explored to get out of the mega deal preceded by acrimonious attempts to ‘save’ the company by existing investors?

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    23 Jun 05:30am

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