How about this app be free to ppl who are already MYOB subscribers???

It is fantastic that MYOB have added this feature but it is quite difficult to convince clients to use this simple app that still requires a bit of work when they already pay a pretty penny for access to their files on a monthly Basis!! This App when MYOB work out the kinks will be amazing for so many businesses, the more efficient & less time working on the books the better.

Please match it correctly to Account Right first!

( Essentials Sucks!)

MYOB have to give a little- they must be making a motzah & need to show some type of proof that they do care about our businesses. So many are already struggling who work hard & deserve to be in business but it's BS costs like this that make it more & more difficult! MYOBs answer is to raise prices to cover costs accordingly!!! Guess What happens then?? Customers etc. Go else where following trends & using the big corporates instead & the family businesses DIE!! Not that myob give a rats but guess what that does to communities? What does MYOB give back to the community? Here's a suggestion for a small start!!

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  • Oct 15 2019
  • Already exists
  • Oct 16, 2019

    Admin response


    Capture is included in the MYOB subscription. There is not an additional cost.

    If you have been informed that there is an additional cost to this app, can you please let us know where you obtained this information so we can correct it.


    MYOB Capture Team

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